Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow outside catering?

Yes, we do allow outside catering.  We do not have a caterer on site, but can provide a list of vendors that have catered events at Rustix.  You are welcome to use a caterer of your choice, but we have a list just to help you get started.

Do you allow clients to supply their own alcohol?

Yes, we do.  You are welcome to supply alcohol for your event.  However, your caterer must have licensed and insured bartenders.

How many people does your venue hold?

Weddings of 300-400 are easily accommodated, however, we have had events with more guests.

When and how do I schedule a tour?

Easy, just send us an email and we will find a time convenient for you to visit.  Tours are by appointment only and are typically Monday-Thursday 10:00-6:30 and some weekends.  

How many hours do you allow for an event?

We allow 10 hours for the day of your event and 1.5 hours for rehearsal. 

What is the end time for events?

Because we are in a somewhat residential area, we must have all music off by 10:30pm.

Do you include tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception?

Tables and chairs are not included in our fee.  They can be rented from an outside vendor or supplied by your caterer.  We have several vendors we can recommend.

How much do tables and chairs cost?

Depending on the type of chair, it will range $2.75-$5/chair.  Depending on the size, tables typically run $8-$12.  We can supply a list of vendors that supply these.  Rustix Manor does not supply tables or chairs.

How much does a wedding cost at Rustix Manor?

This question is certainly the most frequently asked question and the answer is simple- as much as you want to spend. 

Realistically, most weddings at Rustix Manor range from $20,000 to $40,000, increasing depending upon the upgrade choices for food, entertainment, rental upgrades and added event options like fireworks, additional cocktail parties, horse-drawn carriages and other popular add-ons.  However, weddings have also exceeded $100,000, so it all depends on your budget and preferences.

Do you allow photography shoots on your property?

At this time, we only allow photography shoots for those that have events booked with us.  If you book your wedding at Rustix Manor, we are more than happy to accommodate engagement shoots.

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